Why Cyber Academy?

Cyber Academy offers short on demand physical drills, mental training exercises for regulation of the body and nervous system, workshops, tutorials and more.
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What can you expect from Cyber Academy?

With this platform you can....

Train the YFFR protocol wherever you are, whenever you want. OnDemand videos range in length from 2-90 minutes, with workshops running up to 90 minutes, this allows you to practice yoga, regulate your nervous system, enhance your focus, or even calm your mind with the push of a few buttons. We also offer audio only versions so you can listen along at home, in the gym, patrol car, or bunk room. By subscribing to the Cyber Academy you will be furthering the YFFR mission in bringing these skills to first responders around the world as your subscription supports the continued delivery of this protocol to first responders around the world.
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Who is this platform for?

This platform can be used by anyone. Although our protocol has been tailored and proven successful over several years for firefighters, law enforcement officers, jail based law enforcement, EMS providers, dispatchers, military member and more. Anyone who wants to train to be resilient, ready to perform, and process stress should utilize this platform.

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We are proud to offer not only individual memberships, but also enterprise pricing. If you are with a department seeking to get more information on enterprise pricing, please contact us at cyberacademy@yogaforfirstresponders.org


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